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Mobile Suit Gundam - MS Sensen 0079 Mobile Suit Gundam - MS Sensen 0079
機動戰士高達 : MS戰線 0079
The second Wii entry in the long-lasting Gundam franchise (after the fan-service SD Gundam G Breaker) takes a more serious route to bring Gundam onto the Wii, offering a first-person shooter with realistic looking (and proportioned) Gundam units. You make use of both the Wiimote and nuchuck controllers for combat. The Wiimote is used to directly aim at enemies before firing. You move your mech around via the nunchuck's analogue pad. The game also offers up dash and jump moves, the ability to lock yourself into direct combat with foes, and motion-based melee controls.
Rom#: 0223 , Region: , Genre: Shooter
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